Green Lane Design has been designing data centers since 2008. The following is a sample of projects designed by the staff at Green Lane Design LLC (GLD) over the past six years.


Leading Provider of Global Business News and Services

• Designed replacement of static UPS with large rotary UPS system
• Produced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model for 18,000 sq. ft. data center
• Improved HVAC power reliability and monitoring
• Designed door access and security system upgrade for entire campus
• Produced unified single line drawings for entire campus

Largest Publisher of Online Yellow Pages and Directories

• Produced Basis of Design and Basis of Estimate for new data center
• Managed design of new 5,000 sq. ft. data center
• Designed UPS replacement and new emergency generator for existing data center
• Designed expansion of data center and mission critical system

Global Leader in Consumer Packaged Foods

• Upgraded data center cooling to reduce PUE by 30%
• Installed outside air economizer and adiabatic cooling system
• Improved electrical reliability at the rack level with complete audit of electrical systems

Leading Global Provider of Asset Management, Investment Processing and Investment Operations Solutions

• Created Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model for 14,000 sq. ft. data center
• Implemented energy conservation measures to reduce data center energy consumption

Leading Manufacturer of Lighting Controls Worldwide

• Completed data center reliability analysis
• Investigated future data center location alternatives

Global Research-Driven Pharmaceutical Company

• Upgraded UPS and designed 6000 sq. ft. data center expansion

Provider of On-Demand Transaction Management Solutions

• Designed changes to power distribution to improve reliability

World Leading Pharmaceutical Company

• Designed critical power for robotic sampling facility
• Designed a fully addressable lighting control, helping to acquire LEED facility approval