Green Lane phase 2 data center design for Agile Data Sites Princeton data center in collaboration with The TPR Group

Green Lane Design has completed the data center design for phase 2 of the Agile Data Sites data center in Princeton NJ. The data center construction is being completed in conjunction with The TPR Group. Data Center design the bedrock of our business. This design/build project has been instigated as a fast-turnaround build with a focus on integrating the high-performance, high-reliability designs that Agile has established with an aggressive build cycle.

Green Lane Design has been designing and building data centers for over ten years for numerous Fortune 500 companies. The design for Phase 2 adheres to a Tier III infrastructure framework with no single point of failure throughout the entire electrical distribution. Any piece of equipment can be removed entirely without disruption to data center operations. According to Kevin Farnsworth, the designer of the project, “There could be a fire in one of the electrical rooms and the data center would not shut down. A fireman could shut off all power in that room while they fight the fire and the data center would continue to run.”

The TPR Group, the construction manager, has managed the construction and maintenance of dozens of mission critical data center spaces including colocation space. The criticality of the operation has always been a factor in the construction process. Jeff Plank, CEO of Agile, said of the construction, “Every aspect of the construction must be detailed and coordinated along tight schedules if the project is going to succeed.” This level of reliability has been reflected in the design process as well.

The data center white space is available now for tours and will be ready for occupancy by Q3 of 2017. The TPR Group is pleased to announce this project along with a number of other upcoming projects underway at Agile facilities.