Through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling and our attention to detail, we meet the cooling and environmental demands of critical equipment while reducing energy waste. GLD works with the entire design team to address opportunities to optimize energy use.

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Custom Air Containment

Green Lane has created custom air containment systems for numerous clients. These systems both extend above the racks as well as at the ends of aisles to decrease the re-circulation of hot air into the cold aisles.

Thermographic Imaging

Air containment strategies rely on very tight controls for airflow, both on the distribution side and at the rack level. We employ FLIR infrared technology to see the heating and airflow in real time in order to ensure that there are no hotspots, no matter what.

Adiabatic Cooling

Green Lane has utilized adiabatic cooling systems in its designs in order to leverage the free cooling available in dryer climates. Wet cell evaporative media create high levels of efficiency and performance without the need for reverse osmosis or deionized water filtration systems.

Pumped Refrigerant

Recent advancements in cooling technologies have allowed for economization at the refrigerant level. This increases the system reliability while decreasing the energy use. By utilizing existing technologies, these systems can provide unparalleled efficiency even in humid, cold, and variable climates.

CFD Modeling

Green Lane utilizes Coolsim Computational Fluid Dynamics software, one of the most mathematically complex CFD simulations available. We take actual measurements of airflow within the space and temperature readings from the racks and use them to validate the model.

  • High quality modeling software
  • Every model validated using real data
  • Numerous failure models
  • Proprietary monte carlo tile optimizer

Outside Air Economizers

Green Lane has designed custom outside air economizers for use in varied climates. These economizers are the single fastest payback for energy reduction available in the data center. Every degree of temperature rise over the servers results in an increased capacity for the OAE. OAE only makes sense in conjunction with high quality air containment.

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Outside Air Economizers

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