The staff at GLD understands how data center facilities are constructed. Throughout the design phase and during construction we monitor each design discipline to ensure that every part of the design is compatible with the design intent. We minimize conflicts between design disciplines. We coordinate Requests for Information (RFI) and Shop Drawings from multiple disciplines to maintain continuity throughout the construction process.

Construction Process

The construction process follows a well defined sequence. Diligent oversight of the construction process to assure compliance with design intent.

1. Long lead items are identified. These items are fast tracked to ensure the schedule continues unimpeded

2. Preliminary shop drawings are submitted and reviewed with the engineers and construction managers.

3. Shop drawings are sent back to the vendors with markups.

4. First long lead items are delivered to the job site.

5. Construction administrators make site visits to evaluate equipment in conjunction with construction manager.

6. Equipment is installed.

7. Startup documentation is submitted to CA for evaluation.

8. CA evaluates change orders as process continues.

9. CA turns over documentation to the Commissioning Agent in order to create the final turnover package.

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